Miss Jyve’s birth story (2): Pre-Labour & Hypnobirthing

40 weeks + 3, Wednesday

Contractions still going, received a message from my doula (E) first thing AM:

E: How are you feeling today, are the contractions increasing in frequency/intensity?

L: Yea… erm… maybe…? I’m not sure…

At this point I may be making it all up in my head.

She decides to come by to check on me, and confirms that I was indeed making it up in my head.

E: Real labour is much more intense than this.

L: But how will I know?

E: Oh trust me, you will know.

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Miss Jyve’s birth story (1) – The Sweep of Non-Consent

I’ve wanted to write this post for months now, but each time I’ve picked the laptop up, Miss Jyve stirs; and I am now typing this out while breastfeeding her on the other arm – talk about Multi-tasking Mom Power!

So 40 weeks came and went, and we were still waiting on Miss Jyve’s arrival. I knew that it was just round the corner with The Pregnancy Waddle, the increasing weight bearing down, the increasing downward pressure which felt like her head was right ‘there’, and the increasing stabby pains on the cervix each time she shifted and bounced on it. (Oh the joys of pregnancy!)

Would she be a June or July baby? I wondered.

For a bit of a background, we’d decided to work with a doula on having the natural, drug-free water birth that I wanted, using hypnobirthing techniques.

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what’s on my labour playlist

so – I have compiled a mix of what calms me, what makes me emotional, music I practice yoga to, light-listening pop that music snobs would scoff at but I usually enjoy…

What jumps out at me so far:

  • Yo-Yo Ma
  • Taylor Swift
  • Ed Sheeren
  • Michael Bublé
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Jay Chou
  • Train
  • Chris Botti
  • Maroon 5
  • Compilation of classical pieces
  • Jazzy stuff
  • Beach yoga music
  • Our wedding songs

I think the last bullet might be one of the keys to bringing back lots of beautiful memories for me.

Also perhaps our wedding photos and just a general compilation of our photos together might come in useful?

Now, maybe some movies to think about…