The Glowy Bedtime Face Oil

I have super sensitive, dry skin, which sometimes gets red, itchy and patchy with the wrong products. I also don't like the added fragrances in the store-bought ones, so I've created a blend that works for me. It is only to be used at night though, as Lemon essential oil, which helps to tone, brighten … Continue reading The Glowy Bedtime Face Oil


Vegan, Super Edible, Ultra Rich Lip & Body Balm

Super simple, works a dream, melts into skin and smells delicious. Made with only 3 pure, food-grade, organic ingredients: 40ml (36g) Shea butter 10ml Macadamia nut oil The tiniest pinch of Vanilla pod powderHow-to: Melt shea butter in a Bain-Marie. Remove from heat and stir in Macadamia nut oil and vanilla powder. Leave to cool. … Continue reading Vegan, Super Edible, Ultra Rich Lip & Body Balm