Château des ducs de Bourbon, Montluçon

Came here for a brain-numbing session on the French administration. Definitely did not expect to find this beauty in the heart of the city.

Montluçon is built around a medieval town from the 11th century

I came here for a fascinating session on the French administration and definitely did not expect to find this beauty in the heart of the city.




A curious find in the heart of France

Les beaux-parents (the in-laws) have been talking forever about a surprise in the French countryside that they will be bringing me to before I head back to Paris… They’ve heard of ‘the place’, have passed by, but have never visited, and I will see ‘it’ when I get there.

I’m not good with waiting for surprises so it was a little discomforting that they were not giving any clues away!

So the GPS was set one day for ‘une promenade‘ somewhere: “We don’t know where, as we have never been either but it’s about 30 minutes away.”

Oh, the suspense!!

We drove in a direction I wasn’t familiar with and as we got closer, I saw a Shinto-like structure as we enter the town.
I see a buddhist monk just seconds later but still had no clue – c’est vraiment curieux!

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