Paris Insider: Le Timbre

The afternoon I arrived back in Paris from 3 weeks of travelling, I was introduced to this adorable hole-in-the-wall.

“Le Timbre” literally translates to “The Stamp” and it is most fitting for this 20-seater.

Le Timbre offers only one menu per service so unless you have major objections or any allergies, you will be having your meal as the chef intended.

Our menu for lunch

Our menu for lunch

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Reims: a day trip from Paris

It was a 4-day weekend, so we decided that a visite des caves & dégustation in Reims was in order.

This was both inspiration and aspirational!

This was both inspiration and aspiration!

Getting there

Reims is a short 45-minute train ride away from Paris and we toured 2 houses – the widely popular Taittinger, which produces one of my preferred cuvées, and a lesser-known one, G.H. Martel & Cie. They were about a 20-minute walk away from the train station.

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