visualisation technique/ hypno birthing

I have been interested in hypno birthing since my yoga instructor mentioned it some time ago.

Been doing some research and watching some videos online, and am wondering if it is worth attending some classes though it is recommended starting at about 30/32 weeks, which I have passed by quite a bit.

I figure it’s kind of like a combination of the various techniques I’ve picked up through yoga and our antenatal classes?

I wonder if the doula we will meet tomorrow will have more insight.


Gender reveal

Why are some people So Caught Up with the gender of the baby? That is something I will never understand. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. We love our baby all the same.

I cannot get enough questions about which gender I (we) prefer.

It is not a choice.

You can’t just order one to be picked up from a store.

I’m polite about it (the same way you really should be instead of asking such a question), but here’s what I would really like to say: it’s a really dumb question.

The same way people ask if I will change my nationality after getting married. I mean like, what – Excuse me? Do I change my whole identity as a person just because I got married? Or maybe I have stopped existing as the person I was for the last few decades because of a wedding? Or is it something that is on me just because I am the female of the couple? I don’t see the boy getting that question – it’s beyond ridiculous. But anyway that’s for another time.

So PLEASE, CONTINUE to ask us about gender preference because it thrills us so.

I have been keen on only finding out at the birth but for practical reasons like naming and nationality papers, decided otherwise. No big announcements planned though, just a birth announcement with a cute picture to look forward to, which is more than enough for me to think about at this point.

“so how did you know/find out?”

Since announcing our pregnancy to the family, I’ve gotten questions on “How did you know/find out?”

Some women tell you that they ‘just knew’, and somehow I had a nagging thought at the back of my mind since week 3. I just kept thinking, ‘what if I’m pregnant?’.

And so I started avoiding alcohol and coffee altogether, being careful with not eating cold cuts or bloody red meat, and things started getting really suspicious when I started to abhor the smell of coffee –  I just couldn’t stomach it! Now, I’ve always been in love with my Nespressos – I can never refuse a good brew while the husband can’t stand even a whiff of it. Continue reading