it’s uncanny what life throws at you when you least expect it

I was watching a program this week featuring El Celler de Can Roca, a 3-Michelin star restaurant in Catalonia, Spain, apparently the top restaurant in the world, when I thought: it would be such a nice treat to eat at such a place for one of my birthdays…

As I watched, I could only imagine what a delight it must be to explore and discover the way these chefs experiment with taste, aroma, texture, ingredients and form.

And I don’t know how, but the husband manages to somehow read my mind and ends up taking my breath away by bringing me to Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, one of the 3-Michelin star chef’s restaurants!

I can only say that the dining experience was a dream-like play on all the senses, where I don’t think pictures would it do any justice. There is just no way to put in words or pictures, the delight, wonder and amazement of being presented with course after course of amazing compositions.

If you get a chance to, it’s definitely one of the places to dine at. Don’t bother with all the other ‘celebrity’ restaurants, as they mostly turn out to be a waste of time. This definitely tops my list of restaurants in Dubai.

And with that, I leave you with this, taken during the amusebouche, right before we were whisked away on a culinary whirlwind.



The best beach-side cafes

I was introduced to these cafes shortly after I’d arrived in Dubai, and they became my go-tos whenever the city left me a little worse for wear. Everyone living in Dubai knows about them except for the tourists, so you’ll find them frequented by the expatriate community here. They are great places to dine with the sea breeze in your hair, all carefree and chill. I love the atmosphere, vibe and of course the food. I’m always bringing friends and family round when they visit.

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on the cusp.

infinity poolside

infinity poolside

It’s nice to have had some time to reflect now, as time to re-group, re-energise, re-strategise is always good.

on the cusp.

love our pool in the heart of the city – always tranquil and calming

So I’m on the cusp of an exciting new chapter ahead. We’ve talked about it forever, and I’m quitting the sandy palaces for now to take a stab at moving almost double the time zone away from my home to his.