Organic postpartum soothing perineal spray

We’re in full-on postpartum prep mode now at 39 weeks and in prepping for all things postpartum, I’ve just received the ingredients for assembling my postnatal care spray - so here goes!   Combine in a 200ml spray bottle the following organic ingredients: 6 tablespoons alcohol-free Witch Hazel 3 tablespoons Aloe Vera 3 drops Frankincense … Continue reading Organic postpartum soothing perineal spray


Organic Pre & Postnatal stretch mark massage oil

Mix the following organic ingredients in a 100ml dark glass pump bottle: 35ml Argan oil 35ml Rosehip oil 30ml Tamanu oil I chose these 3 oils due to their ability to regenerate and restore stretched, stressed out and itchy skin. They also absorb quickly without leaving a greasy film (which I hate!). Lots of other … Continue reading Organic Pre & Postnatal stretch mark massage oil