it’s uncanny what life throws at you when you least expect it

I was watching a program this week featuring El Celler de Can Roca, a 3-Michelin star restaurant in Catalonia, Spain, apparently the top restaurant in the world, when I thought: it would be such a nice treat to eat at such a place for one of my birthdays…

As I watched, I could only imagine what a delight it must be to explore and discover the way these chefs experiment with taste, aroma, texture, ingredients and form.

And I don’t know how, but the husband manages to somehow read my mind and ends up taking my breath away by bringing me to Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, one of the 3-Michelin star chef’s restaurants!

I can only say that the dining experience was a dream-like play on all the senses, where I don’t think pictures would it do any justice. There is just no way to put in words or pictures, the delight, wonder and amazement of being presented with course after course of amazing compositions.

If you get a chance to, it’s definitely one of the places to dine at. Don’t bother with all the other ‘celebrity’ restaurants, as they mostly turn out to be a waste of time. This definitely tops my list of restaurants in Dubai.

And with that, I leave you with this, taken during the amusebouche, right before we were whisked away on a culinary whirlwind.



June is here.

It’s my birthday.

I write this as I sit here on the morning of, in the calm, cool, quiet cocoon of our apartment by the water, watching the boats go by, the traffic streaming across the bridge and the occasional helicopter fly by, oblivious to everything else except their destinations.

But somehow it all feels so insignificant, even more than I normally feel about my birthdays. I don’t like making a big fuss and have always felt it was pointless celebrating getting older (what for?!), for which I have scars from the first time I tried holding a birthday party with friends to thank. I guess it’s self-preservation. A way to feel ok if no one remembers or even cares, and find joy and delight at the few who do.

But it seems that I’ve had plenty of reasons to celebrate my birthday in the last years – a lot to do with my other half, actually. He’s really given and shown me that there is so much to celebrate in life. Getting married, spending summer on the French Riviera, birthday surprises, photo book compilations… and just being together in general.

Once again, this year’s no different – there is so much to celebrate, especially with the upcoming birth of our child. Nothing else has really been on my mind except to prepare for this amazing and life-changing event, that when the focus is turned just for a moment to oneself, it all seems so pointless and mundane. Everything else blurs in comparison, seeming so unimportant and trivial.

As I look down at the huge lump rolling from side to side in my swollen belly, I am reminded of just how much our lives are going to change. The insurmountable joy, laughter, pain, anguish, worry, love and responsibility that must come with this cute little package; the feelings and thoughts I’ve never before experienced or will ever experience.

I am in awe, excitement and yet at the same time nervous and anxious about what is to come.


time to spill the beans!

Been MIA for a while, but with good reason. I was really just chilling the rest of the summer away trying to catch as much sun as I could, including the last rays of summer sunshine before the September rains, headed to Biarritz for surf lessons, finishing touches on the new pad, then vacay stop in Dubai to catch more sun and very unfortunately in Singapore for grandmother’s funeral.

I did not know the real feeling of grief before this. That heart-wrenching pain, jellied-legged total loss of physical control; I thought was an exaggerated portrayal in reel life, till it happens to you.

But the autumn winds of change bring times of change. Big changes.

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Champagne: the go-to wine for celebrations in France

Birthday? Crack open a bottle of champagne. New job, promotion? Get out the champagne! New baby? More champagne! A weekend lunch with friends and family? Champagne, please… Only the sparkling wine from the Champagne region in France can be called champagne.

Not reserved just for weddings and New Years, champagne is usually served as an aperitif with a selection of hor d’œuvres: foie gras, smoked salmon, tapenade, flavoured crackers, cheese cubes, and the list goes on… I like having stuffed olives for its savoury kick.

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