time to spill the beans!

Been MIA for a while, but with good reason. I was really just chilling the rest of the summer away trying to catch as much sun as I could, including the last rays of summer sunshine before the September rains, headed to Biarritz for surf lessons, finishing touches on the new pad, then vacay stop in Dubai to catch more sun and very unfortunately in Singapore for grandmother’s funeral.

I did not know the real feeling of grief before this. That heart-wrenching pain, jellied-legged total loss of physical control; I thought was an exaggerated portrayal in reel life, till it happens to you.

But the autumn winds of change bring times of change. Big changes.

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and this brings us to November.

It has been a fruitful, momentous and insightful year for me.
From being absolutely clueless and indifferent about being engaged: How does this work? Why does anyone want to put themselves through this? Wait, but…hang on, what?! – I’ve never been one of those ‘fairytale-wedding’ girls… I’d in fact never thought I would ever have one. I think everyone was trying to tell me how I should feel more than anything else but that’s for another time…
…to a milestone birthday, passing of a longtime pet, numerous epiphanies with a wedding celebration each in the west and east, unimaginable joy from those celebrations…
and we’re now in November.
I have a lot on my mind and writing always keeps me sane.

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