Quick & Easy Old Fashioned Pancakes

I love having some good, fresh, homemade pancakes for breakfast when the mood strikes. This recipe makes excellent fluffy ones with just the right balance of butter, salt, sugar and milk, and are so easy to whip up in a heartbeat. Very tasty on their own - my toddler loves them as they are - … Continue reading Quick & Easy Old Fashioned Pancakes


Organic postpartum soothing perineal spray

We’re in full-on postpartum prep mode now at 39 weeks and in prepping for all things postpartum, I’ve just received the ingredients for assembling my postnatal care spray - so here goes!   Combine in a 200ml spray bottle the following organic ingredients: 6 tablespoons alcohol-free Witch Hazel 3 tablespoons Aloe Vera 3 drops Frankincense … Continue reading Organic postpartum soothing perineal spray