Essential oil blend: (Pre) Baby Blues

I’ve been hit by a few bouts of low moods, swings and LOTS of fatigue this pregnancy, and I think a lot of it has to do with a combination of:

  • Moving to a new country
  • Where the language spoken is not my native
  • Moving around month after month for 4 months before finally settling somewhere more (semi) permanent
  • New systems and culture
  • Being pregnant
  • Turning through multiple rounds of paediatrician/ OBGYN/ prenatal/ lab/ pharmacy visits (these are all different trips/appointments to make in France – ONLY 3 trips to get a vaccine shot where at home it’s just ONE trip: *&*%$ยฃ@$^)
  • Travelling
  • Stress of not figuring out our post-birth help till recently (still not there yet, but at least we’ve moved a step forward)
  • Endless to-do lists, cooking, cleaning, laundry
  • Preparing for the new baby
  • Back/ pelvic pains
  • Tired but sleepless
  • Interrupted/ uncomfortable/ no sleep
  • Husband travelling/ away for work

I feel like I’m SO TIRED and I just haven’t properly rested since September last year. I’m so tired that I haven’t even bothered to get my prescription from the pharmacy from last month. I’ve even lost count of how many weeks/ months pregnant I am. There’s just a ‘deadline’ to work towards (Baby #2’s EDD).

I woke up too early this morning, wanted to fall back asleep but couldn’t, so I lay there, wishing the world would just stop and that it wasn’t actually another new day.

(Another to-do that just came to mind: I need to figure out how to deposit Miss Jyve somewhere for a few hours each week just to get a breather. It’s just really all getting too much and guess what, it won’t get better with the arrival of #2! Yippee!)

Such are times that I feel like bursting into tears, and other times when I actually have.

You’re always told that you should be bathing in a mist of neverending bliss and glow while you’re pregnant, but that’s just a whole load of pretence and fiff-faff in my opinion; I think it’s more normal to feel just like a deflated, old balloon. No one talks about the extreme FATIGUE and anaemia that comes with it?? Simple makeup or lipstick to look more alive? – What’s that, who has the time and energy?! It rubs off and all over clothes when you have a bouncing toddler in your face anyway. Oh but we wake up everyday all glowy, gorgeous, happy and shiny women with melons for bellies and no back pain, headaches, heartburn or sneezing accidents (y’all know what I’m talkin’ about). Right.

So I sit here this morning with my essential oils, wondering what I can do with them while I’m in this state of mental haze, exhaustion, irritability and moodiness.

This blend has come in useful, at least for now. I prefer apricot kernel oil to the more frequently cited sweet almond oil, as it feels less greasy and absorbs much quicker than the latter.

So here’s what I call my (pre) Baby Blues Blend:

  • 10 ml apricot kernel oil
  • 5 drops Roman Camomile essential oil (comforting, soothing, calming)
  • 5 drops Tropical Basil essential oil (uplifting)
  • 5 drops Lemon essential oil (uplifting)

I find massaging the blend over my shoulders and neck really relaxing and soothing, then up to the back of the ears and temples.

Sit back, breathe in, and relish the moment. Before the toddler comes bouncing back into your face again.




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