gender dreaming?

When I think back, I think it was very likely that I in fact DID dream of the gender of our baby.

I had dreamt of this French castle before, owned by a widowed elderly lady. It had been her family home for as far back as anyone could remember. She brought us on a tour of her home, which housed many grand, luxurious rooms, had this huge 2-storey picture window looking out into the gardens, and we stood on the 2nd floor for quite some time, admiring the view. It had a most amazing in-house spa with massive showers that rained from the ceiling, with a huge water fountain and pool in the middle of the room. To this day, I can still see this wonderful château in my mind’s eye.

I woke up thinking: WOW, that is some place of wonder. Woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed, like I had really been on holiday in the castle.

I didn’t give it further thought.

I don’t even remember when that was, but it must have been at least a year back.


Some time during the pregnancy before the baby’s gender was confirmed at 22 weeks, I would say probably at 15 weeks thereabouts… I again dreamt of this very same castle, where the same lady brought us on another tour.

This time, it was a tour of the children’s quarters. There was a large room with beds lined up on both sides for the kids, dormitory-style, a huge playroom with slides and all kinds of toys a kid could ever want, cute bathrooms with kid-sized facilities, the works…

Then I look up, and right at this point, 2 children come running up to me. My focus was squarely on the one in front… a little girl. The other behind her was blurred out in my vision. It was not totally clear, but I had a sense that it was a little boy.

I did not think much about this upon waking as it was not evident to me whose kids they were, and for some reason I was sure we were expecting a boy, so what struck me as more curious was how I had revisited that exact same castle…

And it all came back to me one day when we found out that a girl was in fact on the way!

Most Extraordinary.



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