birth stories

I have been reading various birth stories and they never fail to make me cry – every time. I become a sobbing fool if I don’t stop myself soon enough.

Various thoughts and emotions race through me.

Through the writing you feel the sheer pain and raw emotion they must have felt and gone through at the time and yet throughout the entire journey, each woman is as amazing, courageous and beautiful as the next, regardless of how they were feeling in the moment.

Each woman with a different story, each and every one of them touching me. I am helpless against the admiration for all women who have ever birthed a child. It’s so natural but the magic of it all grips me. I can’t imagine it right now, but it must teach you something on another level about yourself.

And I can only imagine that the feeling of holding your child in your arms for the first time must be pure magic, the incredible amount of love you feel for this tiny bundle, this tiny person that you’ve met just seconds ago.

I’m putting together a variety of music for labour but while I can try to prepare, I know that it will be impossible to know what my birth story will be. What will I be wanting to listen to or what will royally piss me off? I don’t even know that, what more how my baby will choose to make her debut?

Seeing how beautiful all the pictures are and despite always having been against it, I wonder if there is someone who will be able to capture these magical moments for us.

This has been one of them:


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