3rd trimester pressure

So the countdown has begun.

I’m really starting to feel the pressure as the weeks now FLY by in the 3rd trimester… only 3 more before Baby is officially considered full-term.

Between sorting out the nursery, furniture for the apartment – we don’t even have a bed yet (but at least now it’s bought and waiting to be delivered) – baby supplies (buy this, buy that! all necessary!), maternity needs, all the RESEARCH that is involved before you even make the purchases…

  • Maternity photoshoot… I would like one but Hub’s travel schedule has been slightly whack – I hope we’ll have time for this. I guess at week 36/37. I hope I won’t struggle too much.
  • I haven’t sorted out bubs’ chinese name!

Then the full-time fatigue, body aches, breathlessness/difficulty breathing, frequent bathroom trips, hormonal/emotional/grumpy, crankiness, leg cramps, upwards and downwards pressure all at once, heartburn and not being able to eat as Baby crowds my stomach, temperatures rising in Dubai, and my pregnancy app informs me that my hormone levels SYKROCKET this week!

Oh, perfect. Marvellous.

It was fun at first when Baby was big enough that I could be reassured by the massive rolls and jiggles in the tummy, but since the weight started bearing down at about 30, the accompanying stabs of pain in the back/ribs/cervix aren’t so fun.

The husband has now received a request to a very important business trip which may mean that he might or might not potentially be around for the birth, or might leave soon after. Not how I imagined it at all.

  • Which means there is now added pressure of seriously looking for reliable house help/doulas without any references to go by, as most of our friends are still pretty much in the pre-baby phase.



I’m so tempted to just lie back and NOT do anything else, let the tide take over, let it all wash over me. I feel so tired. and I feel so tired all the time now.

I just have to keep telling myself that no matter what happens at the end of the day, whatever circumstances I will be faced with, I will make it through.

Just need to keep telling myself that.

Baby will be Baby, I will be me, we will both be fine, whatever we have or not.

Just need to keep telling myself that.

  • Hospital bag to pack…
  • Finalise birth preferences…
  • Check online process for Baby’s nationality papers…
  • Massive research for push present… Some might think this is one of the fun bits of being preggers but really, it is quite stressful! Too many wants!!

And why do so many women revel in the fact that pregnancy means more shopping? – New clothes, shoes, lingerie, sleepwear! Baby stuff – clothes, toiletries, accessories, gear!

– Really So. Not. Fun. Very. Exhausting.

Shopping for pleasure and shopping for what you need are completely different ball games. I’m so sick of having to buy and buy and buy stuff all the time! I just want to know what I need, get that shit all at once (online, in one store.) and be done with it!

But of course it’s not possible cos you have to try everything out in-store for usability/ in case something pokes, bites or grabs in any place on now very sensitive skin.

And when you opinion poll, everything comes down to ‘personal preference’ or ‘depends on your baby’. Oh-kay…


I decide that all I’m going to do now is to go take a nice relaxing bath.



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