Gender reveal

Why are some people So Caught Up with the gender of the baby? That is something I will never understand. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter. We love our baby all the same.

I cannot get enough questions about which gender I (we) prefer.

It is not a choice.

You can’t just order one to be picked up from a store.

I’m polite about it (the same way you really should be instead of asking such a question), but here’s what I would really like to say: it’s a really dumb question.

The same way people ask if I will change my nationality after getting married. I mean like, what – Excuse me? Do I change my whole identity as a person just because I got married? Or maybe I have stopped existing as the person I was for the last few decades because of a wedding? Or is it something that is on me just because I am the female of the couple? I don’t see the boy getting that question – it’s beyond ridiculous. But anyway that’s for another time.

So PLEASE, CONTINUE to ask us about gender preference because it thrills us so.

I have been keen on only finding out at the birth but for practical reasons like naming and nationality papers, decided otherwise. No big announcements planned though, just a birth announcement with a cute picture to look forward to, which is more than enough for me to think about at this point.


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