“so how did you know/find out?”

Since announcing our pregnancy to the family, I’ve gotten questions on “How did you know/find out?”

Some women tell you that they ‘just knew’, and somehow I had a nagging thought at the back of my mind since week 3. I just kept thinking, ‘what if I’m pregnant?’.

And so I started avoiding alcohol and coffee altogether, being careful with not eating cold cuts or bloody red meat, and things started getting really suspicious when I started to abhor the smell of coffee –  I just couldn’t stomach it! Now, I’ve always been in love with my Nespressos – I can never refuse a good brew while the husband can’t stand even a whiff of it.

and so there! Not sure if that’s what they were looking for, but there was no giveaway nausea/vomiting nor dinky symptoms except for PMS-y boob tenderness that did not go away even at 6 weeks. Just a suspicion, and a home test that I was pretty sure would be positive. I was not surprised, and was very methodical (if I can say so) with dealing with the whole situation.

Then comes “Did you expect it?

I find this an odd question as despite our best intentions, everyone knows that nothing in pregnancy is precedented. Even if planned for, everyone has to wait in hope. There is no definite.

So in a way, all pregnancies are unexpected and often take people by surprise!

We broached the topic right before we even continued dating seriously, so we both knew from very early on what our expectations were. It’s definitely not something to be surprised by after tying the knot and then finding out about the difference in choices.

There was no stress, no timelines to meet, no concrete markers for being ready. We took things as they came and it just so happens to turn out to be great timing!

We own a cute place with a view of the Eiffel Tower, I’m now confident enough to independently manoeuvre this strange country we call France (or so I think. Am not on the legal tangent yet but I guess checking myself into the ER and discussing obstetrical matters in French counts for something!), I’m happy enough for now with the amount of travelling I’ve done, my career advancements, and I feel really at ease and in balance in life at the moment.

I mentioned in a post about a year back that we’ll never really be prepared for what life throws at us, until it happens.

Admittedly, there was a brief moment of “oh… so now what?” that hit me, but I am so happy.


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