4 months 1 day

Hurrah!! We’ve moved on to a new month!

and so the baby name list scrolling begins. It will be a long process as of course in addition to marriage, this is one other thing that was never a part of my ‘little girl fairy dreams’.

I’ve decided to enlist the help of baby when the kicks get more prominent. I’ll read out the shortlisted ones and see which he responds to. It might not be that easy I reckon!

I’ve started feeling turns and flips since about 12 and a half weeks, thumps, what feels like baby stretching out, with a definite kick early Sunday morning and I was like – OY! Unmistakable.

bathroom trips are really frequent now and I-just-can’t-hold-it-in bad, so I’m not sure what to expect as the weeks go by – every 15 mins?!

I’m also keeping very well hydrated, so I guess that helps.

I feel great and well, energy’s back.


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