15 weeks 2 days

OB/GYN today but baby was moving too much to get an updated picture or CRL measurement!


Both parents were not too pleased but what can you do. If he’s sleeping he’s hiding himself in the back, if he’s awake he’s rolling around every millisecond. (!!) He definitely looked significantly bigger on the screen now than 3 weeks ago. All results normal and all thumbs up from the professional as he kept telling us “Well done guys,” ??!

Also got the ok for exercise so am going to restart yoga practice. Yippee!! It keeps me sane.

Still quite fatigued, but I suspect that has to do more with the intense holiday season than anything else. My energy levels are definitely still not what they used to be.

If I thought I couldn’t see a significant change at Christmas, I now have a hint of a bump. I looked the other day and the bump has suddenly and definitely grown quite a bit in the last 2 weeks – c’est étonnant!

I think it also depends on the position baby’s taking. If he’s pushed out or snuggled in. At times there is quite a noticeable bump but it seems to flatten back out at other times of the day.


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