first trimester scan

Separate appointment at the ultrasound technician’s for the detailed scan and report.

Still tired, but about half less than previous weeks.

The scare a couple of weeks prior still haunted me but the spotting was gone so all I was looking forward to was a report with no anomalies.

The technician was busy ushering one patient out and another in, but still very professional. Efficient and great at pointing out the highlights without too much chitchatter or being too cold, she couldn’t find him at first. (The baby will be referred to as ‘he’, as ‘bébé‘ is a masculine word in French and I’ve somehow adopted the way of associating gender to all nouns. It also feels weird to refer to a baby as ‘it’!!)

I panicked for a brief moment but a quick swop of equipment and just as quickly we saw the skull, full brain, the 4 major segments, top-down – seriously this stuff is fas-ci-na-ting! I was hypnotised by the detail on the screen, never wanting to take my eyes off in case I miss a single moment. Wondrous and amazing.

Then he needed to move to the profile for details and so came the crazy-amusing, pounding-pumping from the outside with the technician going “Allez! Bouge! Bouge!” I was quite shocked at first but then burst out laughing as she apologised for the ‘disturbance’. I was also from thereon convinced that he’s very well protected in there as all he did was to shift to snuggle further back in back to continue his nap. LOL!

His heart photographed, heartbeat measured, NT, nose and thigh bones, likewise, and we were done!

I left, super pleased with the report. I could almost feel what it’s like to receive a glowing report from school when he gets older. We’ve embarked on our journey together, and each great result is a big achievement for the both of us.

You’re still only about 1/10th of the size you will be born at, but I already have an idea of how much I love you with my whole being, more than I ever imagined was possible.


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