time to spill the beans!

Been MIA for a while, but with good reason. I was really just chilling the rest of the summer away trying to catch as much sun as I could, including the last rays of summer sunshine before the September rains, headed to Biarritz for surf lessons, finishing touches on the new pad, then vacay stop in Dubai to catch more sun and very unfortunately in Singapore for grandmother’s funeral.

I did not know the real feeling of grief before this. That heart-wrenching pain, jellied-legged total loss of physical control; I thought was an exaggerated portrayal in reel life, till it happens to you.

But the autumn winds of change bring times of change. Big changes.

Our first trimester’s up! So time to spill the beans!

End of the first trimester marked by a detailed positive ultrasound report from the technician’s office. I had an ice cream with baby to celebrate.


I’m glad that all’s well, but decide to be cautious and wait a week or so before slowly ramping up on resuming the usual activity level. In any case, my energy’s not quite what it used to be so I’m taking things slow for now. It was freaky as hell with the 2-week spotting that I was literally counting down each day. I looked at my pregnancy app counter so many times a day that time passed even slower. I read article after article trying to calm myself then freak myself out. The days were endless. It was frightening with the emergency scan and no apparent cause despite the 2 scans at 9 & 10 weeks, so I just lay there worrying, as nothing else could be done except to wait for time to pass and hope for the best. It’s mortifying.

Other than the scare (where I started crying on the phone to my poor GP!), nausea was something I barely suffered from once I got the hang of ‘dealing’ with it – small portions of food, as often as possible and only eating fresh and healthy. Almost no fat, sugar or salt – it all became too much for me to bear. I somehow feel like I’ve gotten trimmer over the weeks.

I kept waiting for the nausea to get worse as many say it would, but it didn’t. It even disappeared along with all other symptoms at some point weeks 7-9, which was when the spotting started, and had me thinking the worst. No crazy boob symptoms nor increased bathroom trips, tummy remained flat.

But no one tells you about the INSOMNIA and insane FATIGUE during this time?! I barely had the energy to do anything else except literally survive! If I managed to get to the supermarket, cook myself fresh meals, eat them and wash up, it was considered A FEAT. Seriously. I barely could drag myself anywhere. Didn’t do anything else except stay alive and drag myself to the doctor’s. How women who work survive through this, I do not know. They’re incredible. They’re amazing. They’re superheroes.

I was dragging through the whole day but WIDE AWAKE till 3 am even when I put myself to bed at a very decent hour of 10.30?! Someone please explain how this works.

Back to the last couple of weeks –

Bunch of tests run and got an early afternoon call on the trisomy 21 results with an all-clear. All prepped for the Christmas reveal then!

Ultrasound in the card and video cameras prepped, Santa will be delivering a Surprise!



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