The best beach-side cafes

I was introduced to these cafes shortly after I’d arrived in Dubai, and they became my go-tos whenever the city left me a little worse for wear. Everyone living in Dubai knows about them except for the tourists, so you’ll find them frequented by the expatriate community here. They are great places to dine with the sea breeze in your hair, all carefree and chill. I love the atmosphere, vibe and of course the food. I’m always bringing friends and family round when they visit.

Saladicious has got to be the place I’m so glad a friend brought me to one evening after a long, long, nightmarish day at work. You’re served a selection of olive, white and wheat rolls – warm and freshly-made – to munch on while waiting for your order, and they have the best salad creations. My all-time favourite is the Temptation salad with toasted walnuts, mandarin slices, fresh strawberries and brie with a balsamic dressing – it’s heavenly. To give an idea, it was my choice of lunch before moving to Paris.

The Temptation salad
The Temptation salad
Choice of olive tapenade, butter or a parmesan spread
Choice of olive tapenade, butter or a parmesan spread at Saladicious

The Lime Tree Cafe is New Zealander so you’ll find that only the tastiest, freshest ingredients are used. We like having a weekend breakfast with sausages, poached eggs, bacon and a freshly-squeezed juice after a morning at the beach.

Pop by to these cafes anytime you need some downtime and I’m sure you’ll leave feeling relaxed and recharged like I have!




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