on the cusp.

infinity poolside
infinity poolside

It’s nice to have had some time to reflect now, as time to re-group, re-energise, re-strategise is always good.

on the cusp.
love our pool in the heart of the city – always tranquil and calming

So I’m on the cusp of an exciting new chapter ahead. We’ve talked about it forever, and I’m quitting the sandy palaces for now to take a stab at moving almost double the time zone away from my home to his.

Life truly passes by quickly, especially when you’re having fun – 4 short years ago that we met, a year short of being in the dunes – and I realised that I have flashes of a selection of memories from my time here, but not enough. So I will write more from now and try to take a few more pictures.
I’m excited yet apprehensive. I’ve never had so much time to sit and mull over a decision before. In fact, I’ve never really looked back and wondered. The discomfort from leaving your comfort zone is very real and very surprisingly despite all the tumbles I’ve put myself through, I’ve still not quite gotten used to it.
It will be bittersweet leaving the jet-setting, beautiful and glamourous sea view apartment with the sunset by the infinity pool, concierge, security, fix-my-lightbulb-please at a button, swank cabriolet, manicured sunny-beachy lifestyle behind for now.
Well as they say, be careful what you wish for.
You might not be quite ready for what you need to/will do next, you just need to do it. Because quite honestly when will you really be? And once you take the leap, you might realise that you were ready all along.
I feel a tingly excitement about the new and wonderful adventure that awaits me;
I have to go.
a gorgeous view of the sunset from the couch
a gorgeous view of the sunset from the couch




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